"For the Love of Rosa" Mini-Grant Recipients

“For the Love of Rosa" mini-grants were created to help Santa Rosa

            small businesses

 The Movement Lab

The Movement Lab is a family style dance studio in Santa Rosa, CA offering many classes in various dance styles. They are well known for providing a warm & friendly environment. Kids, teens & adults love their Hip Hop!

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the studio has been limited to providing zoom dance classes. Studio owner Bernadette Alverio-Tonks is now teaching all zoom classes herself, as the studio is not bringing in revenue to pay for staff at this time. Bernadette is doing her best to maintain the dance space so her dance family can dance again when it’s safe. The proceeds from this mini-grant will be used towards utilities.

HOW can you help The Movement Lab? Visit their website or Facebook page and reach out to them to provide a donation or register for their zoom classes.



981 Airway Ct. #C

Santa Rosa. CA 95403



Business owner from "Bevessfloral" shared with us how blessed she felt when she was notified she would be a recipient of our $500 mini-grant plus the PPE kit. She shared how this could not have come at a better time as the financial burden of this pandemic continues to impact both her business and her home.

Our small businesses need us during these uncertain times. We invite you to visit Bevess Floral & Events at:

4221 Montgomery Drive

Santa Rosa Ca 95405


Teresa Family Childcare

Teresa Family Childcare in Santa Rosa was also a recipient of our “For the Love of Rosa” $500 mini-grant and PPE kit. Teresa shared she would be using the funds to purchase tricycles the kids could ride outdoors. Teresa said she needed to create as many outdoor activities as possible due to the virus. During our visit to drop off the check and PPE kit she showed us the work being done to bring most activities outside.

Jorge Perez Auto Service

Jorge Perez Auto Service in Santa Rosa, another recipient of our “For the Love of Rosa” $500 mini-grant and PPE kit. Mr.Perez expressed he was very grateful and said the funds would be used towards rent.

La de da Salon

La de la salon was a recipient of our “For the love of Rosa” mini-grant. The proceeds of this grant helped cover out of pocket expenses the salon needed to make in order to comply with our most recent ordinance, which allows hair salons to operate out doors.


La de da salon is all set to meet your hair style needs in their NEW stylish tents. Learn more about la de da salon by visiting their website and give them a call:



513 E street

Santa Rosa Ca 95404


HD Barber Studio

HD Barber Studio located at 989 Sebastopol Road in Santa Rosa was also one of the For the Love of Rosa mini-grant recipients. The owner shared with us he would be using the funds for utilities and towards rent. Like many other barbershop and salon owners, the owner of HD Barber Studio is paying rent for his studio space even though he is unable to perform his work inside his studio due to state restrictions as a result of the pandemic. We invite you to follow their studio Facebook page for updates.

Pazazz Hair and Nails

Pazazz is a hair and nail salon located at 2773 Yulupa Avenue in Santa Rosa. Unfortunately, the salon is closed at this time due to the state restrictions as a result of the pandemic.

The salon owner continues to pay the rent to maintain the salon space until she is able to open again. With funds raised by For the Love of Rosa, The Small Business Hardship Fund was able to provide a $500 mini-grant towards rent.

How can you help Pazazz Salon? Visit their website and Facebook page to learn about their services and consider purchasing a gift certificate for yourself or others to be used in the future.

Auto Saver Plus

Auto Savers Plus insurance in Santa Rosa was also a recipient of our “For the Love of Rosa” $500 mini-grant and PPE kit. The grant funds will be used towards rent to help during the months they were closed for business.

To learn more about them visit their website at:


Small Business Hardship Fund - Sonoma County 

P.O. Box 11741, Santa Rosa, CA 95406